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ASHP Best Practices 2016-2017: Position and Guidance Documents of ASHP


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The most comprehensive set of quality guidelines available to the pharmacy profession. More than half a century ago, ASHPr developed its earliest proposed practice standard-the Proposed Minimum Standards for Pharmacies in Hospitals. Today, ASHP continues to foster concrete improvements in pharmacy practice and in the therapeutic use of drugs with its annual compilation of ASHP guidance documents: ASHP Best Practices. These guidance documents have stimulated improvements in pharmacy practice and operations, influenced accreditation standards, laws, and regulations (both in the United States and in other countries), and contributed to an awareness among consumers and policymakers of the vital patient care role of pharmacists. INSIDE: ASHP positions and more than 70 ASHP guidance documents of varying scope that provide ongoing advice to practitioners and health systems to help improve the medication-use process, patient care and safety, and patient outcomes and quality of life. - ASHP Statements - ASHP Guidelines - Technical Assistance Bulletins - Therapeutic Position Statements - Therapeutic Guidelines - ASHP-Endorsed Documents

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Style Number: 5852ASH8583

Pages: 744

Series: Best Practices for Health System Pharmacy

Volume: 15-16

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Edition: 01

Publisher: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists | Publish Date: 11/16 | Copyright 2016

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